Bursting out of Melbourne in the past few years into the alternative music scene is post-hardcore band Dream On, Dreamer.

Their debut full-length album Heartbound was hugely successful and urged them to tour overseas. After making many friends along the way, the six-piece band has returned for an Australian tour. In addition to their specially picked local acts to join them, Dream On Dreamer will also be supported by Like Moths To Flames from the US.

Clean vocalist and bassist Michael McLeod divulges why the band are back touring at this point in time. “We’re doing an Australian tour called ‘Homebound’. The idea of the tour is to re-release the Heartbound album with a DVD as well.”

The accompanying bonus DVD includes a “backstage pass”, as McLeod puts it, of footage from America, Japan and Australia’s own Soundwave tour. The bassist says the band is excited to share some of the shenanigans they get up to while on tour in various parts of the world.

Currently being between two records mean Dream On Dreamer’s Australian setlist will not be laced with new tracks. “We will be playing of course our latest single ‘Midnight Thoughts’ which is fairly new to Australia as we only got to play it a handful of times,” explains McLeod, “but a lot of the cities will be hearing it for the first time.” This leaves punters moshing to the tracks they know and love from Heartbound and the band’s EP, Hope.

For those that have not quite grasped the calibre of the band, they are being supported by international band Like Moths to Flames. “It’s always fun to bring out a US band and be able to take them around Australia,” says McLeod.

“We become friends with all the bands we tour with, which strengthens the working relationship further down the track. One day when we head back their way to the States – we could tour with them.” Looking towards international exposure for alternative Australian bands like Dream On Dreamer is a way of breaking ground with a much larger fan base and the obvious potential abroad, due to larger populations.

The band has also had a voice in deciding which local acts will have the privilege of supporting them on their tour run. “This time around we actually had a competition to get it all happening between the keen bands. We got them to spread the word and the biggest gossips got the support slot.”

With Hand of Mercy and In Hearts Wake supporting Dream On Dreamer for most of their shows, the later announced WA shows will instead have the winning acts, Mandalay Victory, Still Water Claims and Only Hope to support. “They feel like they’ve earnt it this way and they will get to tour with us as well as Like Moths to Flames,” says McLeod.

With the hype of the recently announced Soundwave Festival 2013 lineup, fans are already curious as to which local acts will fill up the bill. As local Soundwave veterans, Dream On Dreamer have the inside scoop. “It just so happens that our friends House vs. Hurricane have been lucky enough to get a spot on the already amazing lineup. There are some crazy bands out there and a lot of them deserve to be on Soundwave.”

“We could put our own sort of Soundwave with Australian bands,” McLeod wonders aloud.

Not all of the Aussie talent will get to play the likes of Soundwave as it is targeted at international artists, but McLeod emphasises the importance of supporting local bands and going down to the shows. “Unfortunately a lot of these bands may not get noticed or be able to have such a stellar career so we make sure we support these local bands – it’s what we do in Australia.”

On the other hand, Dream On Dreamer have been lucky (and talented) enough to have expanded internationally with their album Heartbound. “There’s such a large audience over there and kids come out to the shows. You play one show and there’s 50 kids there and then the next time you’re over there, it’s 150 kids who have turned up. You just have to make sure you come back soon enough to be remembered – while keeping it exciting.”

As a renowned post-hardcore band, fans are curious as to whether their next record will run with the same style. The short answer may be yes, but the production process has diversified. “We definitely want to step it up,” explains McLeod.

“As opposed to the way we have approached previous releases. This next album we are looking at doing more recording than what we have previously done. We want to go back to the roots and do it ‘old school’ style.” McLeod confirms that the new album will sound like Dream On Dreamer but will be a definite progression with more of a mature approach, while attempting to capture their raw live energy in the studio.

Looking further down the track, the recording process will evolve the quality of their live shows as well. “We definitely take a lot of pride in our production for the fans so we will be looking forward to playing new material too.”

McLeod explains they tend to cook up the right musical recipe while on tour, so fans can be confident that the next album will be of a high quality – allowing them to potentially tour with even more international artists in their budding genre.

When looking back at the past few years, McLeod reflects on the appreciation he has for the bands that Dream On Dreamer have toured with. “Any band we tour with is a highlight for us. We’ve become such good friends with the people we have toured with… including bands like Sleeping With Sirens and it’s great to have those relationships with so many international bands.”

Heartbound is out now through We Are Unified. The band are currently on their Homebound Tour, with dates through to September 8. Full dates and details here.