Last month, Sydney was treated to one hell of a punk bash as Melbourne trio Dumb Punts, Byron Bay trio WASH, and locals Pist Idiots piled into beloved Newtown haunt The Leadbelly for Brixton Broadcast Sydney.

With the locals scoring a huge night of music for the grand price of nothing, the venue was heaving, and all were treated to a sweaty night from three of the Aussie punk scene’s strongest emerging talents.

Now, we’ve got a bit of footage and some great snaps by Life Without Andy to rub it in the faces of any of us who were unfortunate enough to miss out on the moshing, and give you an idea of why you should catch one or all of these bands when they next swing by your neighbourhood.

Until then, be sure give Dumb Punts’ 2016 breakthrough 7″ a listen, released on Drunk Mums’ label Pissfart Records, or WASH’s debut effort Point Of View, with the production force of The Pinheads’ Jez Player and The Straight Arrows’ Owen Penglis behind it.

Even better, kill two birds with one stone and grab the split cassette that the two bands just put out together, which neatly sums up why any fans of Aussie punk or garage need to keep their eyes firmly on both of them.

And punk fans, be sure to keep an eye out for the next time Brixton heads to Oz and crams a pile of our favourite bands onto a stage.