It’s been a little while since we had new music from DZ Deathrays, with their most recent track, ‘Pollyanna’, coming out in September of last year. Even though they’ve been promising a new record soon, the lads have been a little quiet on that front. That is, until now.

Taking to Facebook today, the group shared a message which reads simply “NEXT WEEK. NEW MUSIC.” (It was written in all-caps, so you know they’re pretty stoked about it.)

The only downside to this is, well, that’s all we know at this point. Are we set to receive a new record? Or are the Brisbane duo just going to release another single? Either way, with two standalone singles already unleashed by the group, we’re happy to get anything they have to offer us.

So while we’re excited at the prospect of new music from the guys, we’re just not sure what to expect yet. Regardless of what they deliver when next week rolls around, it’s going to be pretty sweet to be able to belt out some new choruses when they hit the road again in a matter of weeks.

Check out DZ Deathrays’ most recent track, ‘Pollyanna’, below.