When news of the Eagles’ founding member and frontman Glenn Frey’s death broke early last year, many fans figured that the group were set to wrap it up, something that the band echoed in a statement soon after the fact. However in May of this year, Frey’s son Deacon said that he would join the eagles for an upcoming pair of headline shows, the first of which took place Saturday night.

As Billboard reports, the Eagles’ Saturday night show at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, was their first since February 2016, and their first without founding member Glenn Frey. While the Eagles had previously announced their July shows would feature some special guests, they had remained tight-lipped as to who they may be.

The group began the show with a fitting tribute to Glenn Frey. “We are the Eagles from Los Angeles,” Joe Walsh said as a way to introduce the band to the audience. “We’re back, and we’re back for our family, and you are part of our family. This one’s for you, Glenn. You’re in our hearts, and the music goes on. Let’s give a warm Eagles family welcome to Deacon Frey.”

Joining the group on stage, in addition to Deacon Frey, the 24-year-old-son of Glenn Frey, was country singer Vince Gill, and for a cover of the classic ‘Heartache Tonight’, rock and roll legend Bob Seger. Deacon Frey reportedly stepped into his father’s shoes effortlessly, managing to not only recapture the magic of the music his father had written, but also sublimely singing lead vocals on many of his father’s songs, such as ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’, and ‘Already Gone’.

Check out a performance of the Eagles with Deacon Frey taking on lead vocals for ‘Take It Easy’, and Bob Seger joining them for ‘Heartache Tonight’ below.