Ever since his first performance in Melbourne a few weeks back, to the reports of his super-secret Bennett’s Lane gig – Purple Fever has been at an all-time high in Melbourne, but radio jockeys over at Triple M took advantage of the current Prince hype in a move this morning where risk did not equal reward.

Triple M’s breakfast slot, hosted by Eddie McGuire, Mick Molly and Luke Darcy, had one dancer and model Damaris Lewis on as a guest for The Hot Breakfast, and somehow managed to convince the dancer to give out the details of the hotel Prince was checked in at.

After calling up the switchboard of the hotel asking after the singer’s pseudonym, Lewis begins a stilted conversation with the audibly exhausted singer, who’d only hours before-hand had finished his late-night, surprise appearance at Bennett’s Lane. Lewis asking the Purple One what he was doing, the singer replied “Right now? I’m being harassed.” Before idiotically asking, “Do you ever sleep?”

McGuire soon jumped in, asking about the fabled jazz club performance, “why do you do continue to do those little shows?” To which Prince responded, in typically elusive fashion, “actually, I read in the paper this morning that I played last night, I don’t even remember.”

Amongst Molloy making inane jokes, and Darcy praising the Purple One for his taste in women, they did manage to get Prince to say that his Australian shows were his “favourite tour to date.” Though clearly sleep-deprived, he remained typically wry before hanging up after a few more minutes of banter.

Prince plays his final Australian show at Rod Laver Arena tonight, and as usual, we at Tone Deaf recommend you keep an ear close to the ground for any news of a secret after-show gig…

In the meantime you can hear what the radio station are calling “Prince’s Only Australian Interview” below, perhaps calling the painfully awkward exchange “Prince’s Only Australian Crank Call” would be more appropriate.


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