Eminem hasn’t had the best 2017. From his hotly criticised anti-Trump freestyle to his much-maligned comeback album Revival, it seems the year has left him riding behind in a wave of wokeness and social ideals he can’t quite keep up with.

In an interview with Vulture on Monday Shady was probed on the current state of his love life, giving away a few interesting revelations. When asked whether he used the popular dating app Tinder he responded with, “I mean, yeah” to which he followed up with, “and Grindr. I also used to go to strip clubs”.

Considering Eminem has used a large portion of his enduring career as a platform for using homophobia as the butt of jokes, it’s fair the say the comment has left a few heads scratching, with fans and critics alike taking to Twitter to display their confusion.

However, some have taken this as a very subtle coming out for the famed rapper..

Some have also taken to Twitter to express their confusion at the fact the interviewer didn’t follow up with a another question, asking Eminem to explain his comment.