Australia’s – if not the world’s – coolest grandma, Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry is back with a brand new interpretation as part of her ‘rockin’ spoons’ series.

Not up to speed? ‘Perry first came to infamy with her spoon playing percussion take on The Black Keys – ‘Lonely Boy’ and Dubstep, and quickly became an internet phenomenon around the country. Following from her humble beginnings playing percussion in local Perth schools and bands.

Perry has returned with a well-timed cover of a Splendour act, UK’s art-pop mavericks, Django Django and their track ‘Default’. With its rhythmic colour, vibrant energy and a guitar part that reminds Perry of “being at the beach in my teenage years”; it seems like a snug fit for her entertaining methods.

After a quick chat while feeding her emus, Perry gets right down to doing what she does best – hopping, dancing and playing the spoons against parts of her body. Her videos and cover performances are designed to rekindle people’s interest in a dying art-form, and showing “how spoons can be played with many types of music,” according to her website.

Perry also notes that she’s “available for bookings at conferences, schools, festivals, theatres and clubs.” If we were a festival organiser for, oh…. say Big Day Out, Harvest or Falls, we might consider take her up on that offer. ‘Spoons’ doing Grimes at Meredith? You heard it hear first.

Check out Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry’s take on Django Django’s ‘Default’ below: