Brisbane’s indie darlings, Charlie Mayfair have done it again. Following on from their debut EP in 2010, the five-piece have sewn together a beautiful four-track release, flaunting the band’s folk-driven harmonies, but revealing a newfound musical maturity.

The EP boldly commands attention from its very beginning, with the single “Waste Me” launching into frantic, percussion-fuelled urgency punctuated by Hannah Shepherd’s angelic vocals. The second track “Stone” is deliberately measured to showcase Dave Di Marco’s driving vocals. At certain points the song has a hymn-like quality about it, but the sacred harmonies soon give way to the gripping melody of an electric guitar, which ambitiously propels the song to epic proportions.

Bizarrely, tinges of “Tell Her” sound reminiscent of a folk-ode to Drake’s “Take Care”, but the song quickly carves out its own path. The title of the EP, “Fall In Time”, is taken from the lyrics of the final song, “Blue Water”, which begins delicately, but takes an unforeseen turn as haunting keys couple with throbbing drums to create a lingering sense of unease. This restlessness is quickly overcome as Di Marco chimes in to share Shepherd’s stirring chant of “I can only guide you”.

Tinkering with Hammond organs, a Korg MS20 synthesizer, vintage Newmann microphones and an analogue tape – the four-piece have managed to craft a stellar EP under the careful guidance of producer Matt Redlich (Ball Park Music, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Emma Louise).

It’s dark, it’s intricate, and it’s definitely impressive.

– Liz Margaronis