In a pun-lovers dream, Fiona Apple has been arrested for drug possession in Sierra Blanca in West Texas.

Apple will definitely be feeling like a criminal (that was almost too easy) after being arrested on Wednesday night for having a “little tiny amount of pot and hash” at a border checkpoint, according to Sheriff spokesman Rusty Flemming, News Ltd reports.

The Border Patrol reportedly found a blue backpack on the singer containing “.01 pounds of weed and .01 pounds of hash.”

In Texas, marijuana possession in small amounts is a misdemeanour, while possessing hashish in any quantity is a felony, which might be bad news for the pint-sized singer-songwriter.

The Free Fiona campaign, which is already trending on Twitter, was a fan-led movement originally demanding the release of Apple’s third album Extraordinary Machine, and may well be called back into action with a much more literal meaning as Apple now joins the illustrious club of celebrities arrested at the infamous Sierra Blanca checkpoint, including Willie Nelson, (the artist formerly known as) Snoop Dogg and the guy that played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, Armie Hammer.

Also taking on a much more literal meaning will be Apple’s breakthrough song Criminal, where she accurately predicted her need for a “good defense.”

The not exactly reputable source TMZ, has reported that Apple “freely admitted” to owning the drugs after the border patrol searched her tour bus, before spending the night in jail and being released on a $10,000 bond earlier today.

Apple recently released her fourth studio album The Idler Wheel, which our Tone Deaf reviewer called an “intensely personal creation” that is “anything but a conventional.”

Apple was touring around America in support of her latest record upon being arrested, and was due to play a show in Austin the night of her arrest, but a recent Facebook post stated that the concert would be postponed.

Let the ‘Criminal’ and Free Fiona puns begin…