Following yesterday’s news that Run DMC are reuniting after a decade-long hiatus, today sees another legendary musical act join the long list of recent reunion tours, only Fleetwood Mac – more than most – have a particular habit of breaking up and reuniting on a regular basis.

Stevie Nicks has confirmed that the latest get-together for the West Coast pop/rock band will be in 2013, indicating that the band will get together for another reunion tour with ‘everyone on board.’

The singer broke the news to CBS during an interview when she was asked about the possibility of another tour from Fleetwood Mac; to which Nicks confirmed it would occur “next year, so far.” Adding that a reunion tour would happend once she and bandmate, guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, had finished completing their respective solo tours. “It’s the plan,” said Nicks, “because that’s what we do. I do my thing. And Lindsey is out doing his thing now.”

Buckingham has extended his intimate solo tour into September, with dates in Canada and the US, playing songs from his recent album Seeds We Sow, as well as performing Fleetwood Mac material. While Nicks is still touring America in support of her 2011 album, In Your Dreams, which also featured drummer Mick Fleetwood.

In fact, Nicks’ confirmation of a 2013 reunion contradicts remarks earlier this year made by Fleetwood, who thought that the moment for getting the band back together had passed. “I don’t believe Fleetwood Mac will ever tour again, but I really hope we do,” he told Playboy in March. “We have rehearsed and prepared for it since 2010. We were supposed to tour in 2011, but we delayed it for a year to allow Stevie Nicks to support her solo record and for Lindsey Buckingham to do the same with his.”

Adding that it was Nicks’ solo record that was holding them back from touring, “she has become obsessed with her album in a very nice but inconvenient way. She is still out there supporting [it] and the one that is the reason that, for now, she refuses to do a Fleetwood Mac tour. It comes down to her,” said the drummer at the time.

The last time the classic line-up toured as a four-piece: Nicks, Buckingham, Fleetwood and bassist John McVie (with his wife and fifth member Christine McVie retiring from band duties in 1998) was in 2009 for their Unleashed Tour; which included a visit to Australia the the same year.

A reunion tour next year then, would mark the band’s first tour in four years, and considering their successful visit down-under – could mean an appearance to our shores in their tour itinerary.

In the meantime, we’ll soon be getting the perfect soundtrack for waiting to, in the form of a Fleetwood Mac tribute album. Due August 14th, the collection – entitled Just Tell Me That You Want Me – will feature the likes of Best Coast, The Kills, MGMT and Dinosaur Jr’s J. Mascis and Sonic Youth drummer, Lee Ranaldo in paying homage to the classic west coast pop/rock act.

You can have a listen to Best Coast’s cover of Mac staple ‘Rhiannon’ below:
Rhiannon | Best Coast by concordmusicgroup

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