Sonic guitars, lush harmonies, swirling psychedelic melodies and grinding fuzz so loud it’ll make your eyes water. Flyying Colours experiment with reverb drenched noise echoing sounds of shoegaze, post punk and psychedelia. After a constant 6 months of playing live across Melbourne they have now entered the studio to make their debut full length album.

Flyying Colours is part of the next Throwing Frisbee event ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ on August 25 – how did you guys get involved in these shows?

We were asked to play an event back in June. It was an afternoon thing, we were all nursing furious hangovers but they were lovely about it.

Throwing Frisbee say the aim of their shows is to bring more music to Melbourne. How do you think these shows are beneficial to the Melbourne music scene?

There are so many great bands in Melbourne, what a good idea to have a whole bunch of them playing at the one event.

Your latest record Wavygravy, is available via digital download. What was the reason behind making your tunes accessible for free online?

Wavygravy is our demo…its pretty rough, we couldn’t in good conscience charge anyone for it.

Have you got any plans for new music coming up soon?

We have just started recording our first album, we hope to have it close to being finished by 2037.

How would you describe Flyying Colours sound?

Sonic oblivion.

What/who are your greatest influences when producing music?

We played our first show in Geelong late last year and on the drive over we had a choice of a 3 cassette Readers Digest ABBA compilation or Enya’s 1988 masterpiece Watermark. I think that 3 hour return trip meant a lot to all of us.

What has been your most memorable gig to date?

Eight Miles High at Yah Yah’s with Lowtide, The Demon Parade, Buried Feather and Sister Jane from Sydney. The whole thing was such a prefect fit, great Djs between sets and the best psych and shoegaze bands around.

 If you could play at any venue/festival where would it be?

Meredith Music Festival because it is the greatest music festival on earth.

How do you like your music? On digital, CD, or vinyl (maybe even cassette)?

Vinyl and free online streaming.

Where else can we catch you playing next?

We are supporting the amazing Pony Face for their album launch on the 7th of September at the Northcote Social Club.