It’s been a wild ride for Foster The People over the last twelve months when they broke into the mainstream with their debut LP Torches which went number one here in Australia and peaked in the United States at an impressive #8 on the Billboard charts.

Now approaching a year since the release of Torches, the Los Angeles-based band have already started thinking about new material and planning how they can follow up the phenomenal breakthrough succes of their debut.

Speaking to NME during a trip to UK for the Brit Awards, frontman Mark Foster said that although we won’t see a new record this year the band do hope to have a new single out by the end of 2012.

“We’re touring through August and then, you know, we’re going to kind of cut that and just get into into the studio and start working on our next record,” Foster said.

“Hopefully we’ll have a song or two out by the end of the year,” Foster continued. “I’d like to get the album done pretty quickly but we’re not going to put something out until its ready. I’d say in 2013 it’ll be out.”

Foster also revealed some more details on what the band are planning for their sophomore. “I’d love to make a more analogue record and not so digital but at the same time still modern,” Foster said. “I think it will be an evolution of the sound we’ve created so far.”