If you ever needed proof that any form of recognition by the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t automatically grant you respect, you need only look to Fox News, who have just delivered a rather scathing critique of Radiohead’s back catalogue.

Just a matter of days ago, it was revealed that Radiohead had been nominated for inclusion into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, alongside other acts such as Rage Agains The Machine, Judas Priest, Kate Bush, and Dire Straits. However, it seems as though some folks at Fox News aren’t really Radiohead fans at heart.

As Pitchfork report, Katherine Timpf was recently asked about her opinion on Radiohead’s nomination during an episode of Fox News’ The Greg Gutfeld Show. Right off the bat she was rather critical of the group. “Seeing as it’s about fame and not talent, I think that Radiohead is definitely going to get in, and should get in,” she began.

“I don’t even like them, but the kind of guys that I like have to be three things: strange, malnourished, and sad,” she continued. “Those guys always like Radiohead, so I’ve been having to pretend to like Radiohead for years to get these men, even though the music is just elaborate moaning and whining for ring tone sounds.”

“You know what, if that’s not fame and power that will get me to do that for someone else, then I don’t know what is.” Check out her review of the band below.

Of course, this is a viewpoint that isn’t exactly shared by the vast majority of music lovers who seem to absolutely adore the group, helping them to sell well over 30 million records.

However, Katherine Timpf’s comments about the band might actually be scientifically accurate. As you may recall, back in February a data scientist decided to take on the task of determining which Radiohead song is in fact the saddest.

After analysing numerous factors, including lyrics and how ‘sad’ a song sounds, it was determined that their track ‘True Love Waits’ was indeed the saddest. It’s sort of hard to imagine that a group who rose to fame with a song whose lyrics included the phrase “I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo”, would dabble in a little bit of self-loathing.

Watch Radiohead’s ‘Creep’: