The Frowning Clouds are a 5 piece band from Geelong, Victoria. We have been playing shows since 2006. We have shared the stage with some of our favourite bands. We still live in Geelong.

How did The Frowning Clouds come to be?

There were no other bands around apart from metal bands in Geelong. We all liked 13th floor elevators.

You’ve been described as 60s rock – who/what influences you from this era?

Back from the grave / Teenage Shutdown / Stones / Kinks…etc that kinda stuff.

How do you use 60s music to bring it into the modern day?

We don’t really use it consciously, to pick up a guitar and try and make a 60’s sounding song would be boring. When we were learning to play our instruments, 60’s RnB / 60’s punk comps were on pretty high rotation and it came through pretty naturally.

Your new single ‘Propellers’ has just been released! Is this continuing on a similar path from your previous tracks or leading to a different sound?

Leading into a different sound.

Your LP, Listen Closlier, was released in 2010. What have you guys been up to between the LP and your latest single?

Writing songs / playing gigs / went overseas touring / trying to make the next album as good as we can, because we didn’t get a chance to on the last one

You’ve previously covered The Rolling Stones, what about the group do you admire?

Charlie Watts is a good drummer. Charlie punched Mick Jagger in the face whilst wearing a suit. Charlie uses the same cymbals from when they started. Charlie’s first run in with drugs wasn’t until the 80’s and Charlie didn’t cheat on his wife while on tour. We admire Charlie. Charlie is my darling.

What has been your most memorable gig to date?

All the Europe ones I guess.

If you could play any venue/festival where would it be?

Golden Plains / Meredith would be nice to play again. Itd be cool to see Cobra Bar upstairs of the Tote back in action… Wouldn’t mind playing on a boat either.

How do you like your music? On digital, CD, or vinyl (maybe even cassette)?

On vinyl or ipod

You’ve got headline shows coming up at The Grace Darling, and where else can we catch you playing in 2012?

We’re playing two shows at the Grace Darling so come on Thursday night and Friday night.

Thursday 26 July

w. The Living Eyes & DJ Richie 1250

Friday 27 July

w. The Murlocs & DJ Richie 1250

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