Following on from the success of their most recent album, 2016’s Strange Little Birds, and a received string of shows in Australia last year, Garbage have returned once again with a surprise new single, the political ‘No Horses’.

Released on July 14th, ‘No Horses’ is a bit of a departure from the usual style that Garbage fans have come to know and love, with the group taking a bit more of an brooding, EDM-styled approach to the track. “It’s actually a song that’s very un-Garbage like,” singer Shirley Manson told Variety recently.

“I was driving through the Scottish countryside last year and looking at these fields of horses and thinking, what will happen to them when we don’t need them as much as we once did? When they’re no longer working beasts, what will happen to the horses? So it’s an imagining of the future where the authorities destroy anything that doesn’t make large amounts of money.”

Likewise, famed producer and drummer for the band, Butch Vig says that the track came about as a result of a jam session, before Shirley Manson decided to add some Patti Smith influences to the track. “[It] started as a jam, hardly any music, like a lot of these weird noise loops, and Shirley sang this amazing line over it,” Vig said. “It’s very Patti Smith stream of consciousness, very pertinent politically to what’s going on.”

All proceeds from the track are set to go to the Red Cross, until the end of next year. So if you’re a fan of the group’s different style on this track, you’ll be doing a good deed by purchasing it.

Check out Garbage’s ‘No Horses’ below.