What do you do if you’re one of the most polarising bands on the planet whose music is both loved and loathed by millions? You make a music video which is so bad it makes your music look like a masterpiece, of course.

At least, that’s what we’re assuming has gone on here, with actor Jason Alexander, known around the world as the loveable loser George Costanza on hit 90s sitcom Seinfeld, starring in Nickelback’s latest music video for their single ‘Trying Not To Love You’.

We’re trying hard not to love them either but it’s kind of hard when we’re pretty sure the band, who are well known for having a laugh at their own expense, have produced the best trolling video of all time.

Sure, it probably replaces Michael Richards’ anti-Semitic rant as the worst thing any cast member has done post-Seinfeld, but Alexander doesn’t really need to work – he is after all worth an estimated $75 million.

Which leads us to one conclusion – he’s in on the joke. Assuming it is a joke, right?

The video (which you can watch above) has Alexander play Bud, an accident prone coffee shop barista who stumbles and fumbles as he attempts to woo Baywatch actress Brooke Burns, who’s entered the store.

While he fantasises about Burns bathing in a sea of coffee beans, Bud is interrupted by a ladykiller on a motorcycle, amusingly also played by Alexander – who proceeds to ride his motorcycle around the shop and challenges Bud to a coffee making duel to win the hand of Burns.

As the crowds gather, Bud’s nemesis makes a mockery of Bud’s poor coffee making skills, however Bud gets the last laugh as Burns is won over by his coffee and they ride off into the sunset happily ever after.

The result is cringeworthy to say the least, with Alexander’s acting – and his dodgy looking toupee – making this whole video incredibly awkward. But at the same time, we’re pretty sure this is brilliant, in a totally evil way.

Alexander has been forced to defend his appearance in the video, responding to the backlash on his Twitter:

Keep your head up Jason, we’d sell our own mothers to work with Burns too.