What were your food influences when you were growing up and what kind of food did you eat at home or with your family?

I guess we ate a lot of classic family dishes. Steaks and Kidney Pie, Lasagne, Stir fry, Spag Bol. There was never a meal without a vegetable included. We were allowed to put in a dinner request on our birthdays and mine was always pasta with pesto.

What dish or cuisine do you most like to eat on tour and why?

I’m going through a bit of a Mexican phase at the moment. I’m quickly learning the best spots for Mexican in each city. It’s a comforting cuisine to eat on tour. Give me a soft taco or burrito at any time of the day while on tour.

What type of food do you hate, and what is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten? 

I’m slightly disappointed in myself for not being a massive fan of Japanese cuisine. I just don’t get it. Perhaps my taste buds need to mature before I can appreciate what Japanese has to offer. I actually had one of the worst meals of my life last week. My friend Andrew cooked up some Cauliflower and Millet soup. He did a bit of a taste test and thought it was slightly bland so added a fist full of rock salt. Unfortunately our friend Sarah also did the same thing and added another fist full of salt. So the end result was like eating the ocean. It is important to stress however that this was a one off failure for Andrew. He is a wonderful cook.

What type of food do you make sure to avoid before a gig or going on stage?

Anything creamy is a no go. And a big serve of red meat is usually not a good idea either. It can have repercussions such as what my friends and I like to call ‘machine gun bum’.

Imagine for a second you can request anything on your rider at a gig. What food do you put on it?

I love a good antipasto platter with homemade dips, cheeses, meats and olives. Perhaps a bowl of freshly steamed vegetables. And snack wise I’d definitely request a few packets of Red Rock ‘Vintage Cheddar and Jalapeño’ corn chips. They are incredible! Plus a good bottle of Shiraz to go along with that antipasto platter.

What has been your biggest cooking disaster to date?

It was probably making tomato and goats cheese tarts for a dinner party. I cleverly forgot to pull off the plastic film that separates the pastry sheets. So upon pulling the tarts out of the oven I realised they were an interesting shade of blue and unfortunately poisonous.

When you tour overseas, what food from home do you miss the most?

I miss silly things like Twisties and Shapes that I don’t really eat when I’m home, but when I’m overseas and the opportunity isn’t there to buy them, I’ll crave them.

This is your last day on earth, what is your final meal?

A big bowl of penne pasta with chicken and asparagus in a creamy pesto sauce.

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