That old saying “never judge a book by its cover” generally rings true. However there are times when it couldn’t be more wrong. The first thing that grabs you about the fantastic new Flap! record is the album art, often overlooked in the age of digital releases. It’s quirky, fun, aesthetically pleasing and more than anything reflects the mood of the record.

This extremely talented Melbourne five piece bring together a uniquely Australian blend of gypsy, jazz and folk. Think 1920’s swing dancing coupled with a night at the local pub. ‘Solitude’ is the prefect example of how the band integrates extremely catchy horn lines and melodies while still maintaining their eccentric flair.

While clearly the bands musicianship is an attractive draw card, perhaps even more important is the voice of Jess Guille. ‘Rock In Space’ not only emphasizes the bands affinity for a body swinging tune but also Guille’s distinct Australian accent. The most refreshing aspect of this album is the ability to enjoy vocals with a true Aussie accent without invoking images of Southern Cross tattoos and the Australian flag.