Margaret Court’s much-maligned stand against gay marriage has won her more than enough critics to outweigh the countless matches she won in her career, and she can add Grinspoon to the list of acts who aren’t stoked about having to play in the stadium that bears her name.

As The Music reports, they’ve come up with a pretty clever way of protesting, too, by slapping their pro-marriage equality message right across their shirts, handily covering up the name of the venue in the process.

We’ve got no doubt that the design will sell out in record time, considering fans have sent the 20-year-old debut LP Guide To Better Living surging back into the charts this week, higher even than it went the first time.

It seems step one in Grinspoon’s Guide To Better Living is probably something along the lines of ‘treat people the way you’d like to be treated’. Nice one Grinners.

Grinspoon's merch hits back at Margaret Court