‘Hand Me My Bow and Arrow’ is the sophomore release of North-Queensland songstress Kate Martin. Recorded over a strenuous eighteen months amidst relentless touring, the album sounds at odds with this inexorable schedule. The melodies are well thought out, and outstanding production help craft a mature album which truly belies Martin’s age.

There’s captivating soundscapes behind Martin’s whisper. Vocal lines are complemented by engaging melodies, and a great amount of detail in the production. The songs rest on pastoral textures, sounding like they sprung up from the forest floor; however electronic screeches and other modern embellishments flutter by. The glockenspiel accents after Martin whispers “it’s apparent you’re unhappy”, on ‘Candle Burnin’ Wax Drippin’’; there’s a very mature sense of production here.

Despite the intricacies of the arrangements, Martin’s voice remains the focal point. It’s a whisper; soft, quiet, young. It draws you in, as if Martin is revealing her deepest secrets. This is a well put together full length, filled with bewitching melodies and lush arrangements.