I am Harts, I’m a solo artist from Melbourne and I write, record and play all the instruments in my bedroom studio. I describe my music as Electronic Funk, Soul Rock & Pop.

Late last year, I released a teaser track called ‘Back To The Shore‘, which picked up a whole lot of blog love and downloads as well as a couple of spins on Triple J.

I’m just about to release my first official single ‘All Too Real’, and play my first ever headlining single launch shows! The single is lifted from my upcoming debut EP, ‘Offtime’, which was mixed by Lars Stalfors (of Mars Volta fame)

You’re launching the single ‘All Too Real’ at The Toff on July 25, what can fans expect from your new tracks and your live show?

Fans can expect a high-energy rock show, with just as much groove to make you move! But also, good impressive musicianship and impressive playing. That’s’ what we are about live. With my band’s help, we really build on the material and the songs really do take a grander form.

You’ve said that you’re aiming to create a sound that covers all the bases of the music that have influenced you – do you feel you have achieved this so far?

I feel as though all the material I have been writing to date is building towards something new in music. The EP is a sure sign of that and a very significant stepping stone in achieving that goal. I think songs like ‘All Too Real’ really nail everything I was going for with my sound to date.

But in saying that, I’m constantly evolving in my writing and playing, bringing in influences from all different aspects of music. So maybe not… I don’t know… who knows?

Who are your major music influences of the past?

Oooo… Hard one. There is seriously so many. I think I’m one to be more influenced by great songs rather than great artists. That being said, its obvious that Hendrix has influenced my guitar playing immensely. Soul/Funk artists like Earth Wind & Fire, James Brown, The Isley Brothers and Cameo taught me how groove. Also indie punks like The White Stripes.

People will often compare me to Prince though… Don’t know whether it’s just brown skin and curly hair, or the falsetto.

Are there specific eras that inspire you in particular?

Definitely late 70’s/early 80’s Post-Disco.

You write and play all your music from your bedroom studio – were the tracks for your new record produced there also? And tell us bit about your bedroom studio set up.

Yes they were, all my music is written, recorded and performed at home. My little set up consists of just the basic essentials. Some guitars, a keyboard, a beaten up drum kit, a couple of mic’s and a Mac at the heart if of it. Also got some cool 80’s bass modules and drum machines that I juice up through the computer.

When can we expect to hear your EP, Offtime?

You can keep a look out for it and expect it around October/November.

How do you like your music? On digital, CD, or vinyl (maybe even cassette)?

If you’ve got a good record player and a good sound system set up for it, it’s very hard to not love vinyl. I have a little collection of vinyls and they sound wicked, but the majority of my music collection is purchased digitally.

We actually got the single pressed on a limited run of 7inch vinyls. So if you’re keen for one, you can get them at the shows or online.

What has been your most memorable gig to date?

Playing to a packed out audience at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory in early May as part of “The Music Makers Club”. No one had heard of me before, but by the end of the set people thought we stole the show. Including industry people from the likes of Universal Music, Triple J, publishing companies, booking agents, bloggers and like. Was really encouraging.

If you could play any venue/festival where would it be and why?

Ever since seeing Oasis as a kid at Festival Hall in 2005, that was my dream. To one day play there. I guess it’s not that glamorous and I’m still miles off, but God willing, ill get there eventually.

You’ve got a residency at The Toff in August, what other gigs can we catch you at next?

After the last Toff date, my band and I hit the road to do a Sydney single launch at GoodGod on August 9th. Followed by a couple of nights of Sydney shows. Then back to Melbourne for some more as yet unannounced shows. Looking forward to it!

Catch Harts Residency at The Toff in Town in Melbourne on the following:

Wednesday 25 July (Single Launch)

with THNKR  & The Fox Party

Wednesday 1 August

with Gatherer & Eden Mulholland

Wednesday 8 August

with Lost Weekends & Neon Knights


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