We have been here for 18 years now and mainly specialise in import vinyl, CD and DVD. We cover quite a few genres including alternative, metal, rock, pop, gothic, industrial and punk and have approx 20,000 new items plus a selection of secondhand. We are open 7 days a week and located in Peel St opposite Vic Market.

Who are you and what’s your role there?

Paul Cook owner/manager/dogsbody.

What are you guys doing to celebrate Record Store Day?

We are having a one day sale with between 10% – 20% off across the store and also hope to have a good selection of RSD releases plus some special mark-downs on the day. Due to space restrictions we don’t have any live music which is a shame as I had hoped to get The Polyphonic Spree in for the day.

What was the first record you ever bought?

‘Run Run Run’ by Jo Jo Gunne on 7″ I was on holiday in Cornwall with my parents at the time and now if I ever hear that tune it reminds me of getting stuck on a cliff face in Lands End with seagulls attacking us – not good.

What has been your best find on vinyl?

Found for my own collection what I thought was a fake Sisters Of Mercy – ‘Damage Done’ 7″ that turned out to be original. Sold it for 200 earth pounds but I still haven’t got a fake one – how hard can it be? 

What is your most prized record?

Nirvana – ‘Lovebuzz’ original 7″.

What kind of records did you steal from parents/older siblings?

I stole the soundtrack to Skippy from my parents but it jumped so I ended up giving it back.

Where do you source the records you sell in the store? Mainly Germany, U.S.A. & the U.K.

Is there a record you’ve been on the prowl for that you’re still hoping to find?

Spent a long time (pre-internet) looking for the original soundtrack to Get Carter only to find out it was only ever released in Japan and even then is super rare. It has been reissued since but I would still like to come across an original one day.

What system do you listen to your vinyl on?

1970’s Japanese JVC QL-5

Where can we find you? 

Heartland Records

03 93299636