Brisbane supergroup Hey Geronimo, comprised of Greg Chiapello and Andrew Stone of Montpelier, Tony Garrett of The Boat People and Pete Kilroy and Ross Pearson from Blame Ringo!, have released their debut self-titled EP full of catchy harmonies and guitar hooks.

From the beginning to the end, its an exciting release. The opening track ‘Why Don’t We Do Something?’ is instantly enjoyable and the two-and-a-half minute pop song, which also has a bit of a country vibe (think Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’), has a catchy chorus of harmonies telling the audience they “ain’t never gonna need to see the winter when there’s summer with you!”

Continuing on from this is ‘Carbon Affair’. The infectiously catchy 1960s vibe has resulted in the song receiving high radio rotation, thanks ot its catchy, Vampire Weekend-styled guitar and likeable chorus – shared by Kilroy, Chaipello and Pearson… and it’s not even the catchiest track on the self-titled EP!

The most exciting track is ‘Dreamboat Jack’, which has a chorus that is so enjoyable it doesn’t lose its attraction regardless of how many times it is played.

The clapping percussion – a recurring element on the EP -continues in ‘I Got No Money’, a relatable story of wanting to have fun with friends but not having the funds to do so. While the final track, ‘Co-op Bookshop’, is the slowest and longest track but continues with the 60s feel.

The band’s enjoyable summer-inspired tunes make this Brisbane indie-pop supergroup one to watch, they could just be the new Little Red.

– Eva Dent

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