Filmed by Danni Oglive
Produced by Danni Oglive + Si Jay Gould

It took the band 9 days of travelling through the desert and ghost townships of South Australia, Victoria and Northern Terriories and in the end they had travelled 5,000 kilometers to Alice Springs from Melbourne in a hire car and back.

“We walked through red and yellow deserts, swam in freezing waterholes, slept in abandoned mine shafts, wrote off our hire van after hitting a kangaroo, camped under thousands of stars, salvaged eagle feathers, saw emus, dingos, ate camel burgers, made music and bonded all while making our very first film clip”.
The concept was for the band to journey as a band where the song was first inspired and written by Nai Palm.

In Nai’s words “Nakamarra was written about Hannah, I wrote about her because she is one of the strongest people I know. And she is the type of person that you can not see for a long time but they will always remain like your family. She was working out in the desert with Aboriginal artists with mental disabilities. We got tattoos on our arms together which is present in the lyrcs “rise togther with our hearts apon our sleeves for all too see”. I also wore the tacky auqua dress in the clip because she is obsessed with the colour. It’s about making life long bonds with the family you get to choose”

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