You know you’ve reached a rarefied echelon of the music world when people are saying things like, “They sound like Tame Impala.” The Kevin Parker-led project have a sound that millions of fans instantly identify with the group.

You know exactly what one of your mates means when they describe a band as “Tame Impala-ish“. You instantly think of swirling, phased-out swathes of melodic guitar noise, splendrous production, ethereal background twitterings, and a strong rhythm section.

Want to learn how you can get that sound for yourself? The folks at have shared a helpful video in which they go through several Tame Impala songs and show guitar players (both bass and six-string) how to get those sounds.

Take, for example, ‘Lucidity’ from the band’s debut album, which requires just a Rickenbacker and a Boss Blues Driver, or ‘Solitude Is Bliss’, which requires a Boss Delay, an Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone, and a Keeley Compressor.