How To Get Us To Write About Your Band

At Tone Deaf we pride ourselves on showcasing a range of bands and musicians – from Australia to overseas, independent to signed, just starting out to filling stadiums.

However, we unfortunately don’t have the time to be able to write about everything we’d like to – we have lives too, y’know. Our team of contributors are always paid for their work, too, so we can only cover so much music each week.

To help you help us, we’ve put together this little guide on how you can best pitch us a story, song, record or gig. We won’t be able to cover it all, but we’re always happy to be sent new music. While we can’t reply to everyone, we do try our best to check out every submission we receive.

Tracks & Videos

We’re always happy to be sent new music and find out about more and more bands – we can’t write about everyone, but our inboxes let us know who’s making what, and follow along.

For us to feature your track on Tone Deaf, it needs to be newly released or unreleased, and needs to be a stream that we can embed. There are a few different ways we can cover tracks and videos:

Premiering Your Track / Video

Offering us a premiere of your unreleased track lets us bring it to people before anyone else, and is a great way to get your track featured on the site, as we run at least one track and one video premiere each day from artists big and small, new and old.

To premiere a track with us, it needs to be a private stream of a track that is unreleased and ready to debut. Flag your email as a premiere, and we’ll let you know as soon as we can if we’re able to premiere it for you.

Premieres should be sent through to our editor at

New Music / Mixtapes

We also write on a handful of new tracks and videos each week, and put together a monthly mixtape of some of our favourite tunes.

Due to the high volume of tracks sent to us every week, please be aware we can’t write back to every submission we receive, but we are always sorting through them and listening to as many as we can.

Shoot your tracks through to our writing team at

Albums & EPs

We know a lot of people are all about playlists and mixtapes, but we still love to throw an album on and soak up a solid chunk of time with our favourite bands.

For us to cover your record, we need to be able to stream it and email it out to our writers, so we ask that you don’t send us any physical copies. There are a few ways we can cover a record:

Album Reviews

Reviewing an album takes time, so we cover a select few each week, hand-picked based on a few simple criteria. We write on new records from Australian artists big and small that we think are particularly exciting or noteworthy, or that we just plain expect to be good.

To review a record, we need to receive a private stream or download several weeks before the release date, and our reviews will be published several days before the record drops.

To submit a record for review, send it through to our writers at

Local Records Wrap

Every couple of weeks, we put together a roundup of some of our favourite records, including those we didn’t get a chance to review before they were released.

If you think we might like your album, send it through to us at

Album / EP Premieres

Just as with new songs and videos (above), we also premiere albums and EPs. You can send us a private link to your record before it gets released, and we can help to push it out of the nest.

To send us an album or EP to premiere, let our editor know at

Gigs, Festivals & Events

We cover all sorts of shows across the country, including festivals big and small, and a hand-picked selection of tours and shows both local and international.
There are a few ways we cover live shows and events:

Gig Reviews

Each week, we send our writers and photographers along to check out a few of the shows that we think are particularly exciting or buzz-worthy.

We pay our contributors for their efforts in cash, not just free tickets, so we have to be a bit picky with the gigs we cover, but we head along to as many as we can.

We don’t take requests for gig reviews directly, but you can send events to our team at to put them on our radar.

Tour / Gig Announcements

We’re constantly on the lookout for new tours and shows we think our readers need to know about, which we announce each day in our news section.

Our news team has a huge number of music developments to cover each day, but while they may not be able to respond directly, you can be sure they’re checking over every press release.

To let us know about your upcoming gigs, send your press release or announcement through to us at

Local Gigs Under $15

With the cost of some big-name gig tickets often getting pretty crazy (not to mention the price of a beer or six), we feel the need to point out how much great live music can be had in Australia for the price of a dodgy haircut.

Every Tuesday we publish a roundup of gigs from across the country that’ll make for a great night out without breaking the bank, so if you’re throwing a gig for less than $15, you can let us know at and it may make it onto the list.


We like to let our readers know about as many different upcoming festivals as we can, and head along to them when they happen – and we’ve thankfully become very spoilt for choice when it comes to incredible Aussie events.

To let us know about festival news and lineup announcements, or just to see if we’d be keen to send someone along to check it out, get in touch with us at

Features and News Stories

There are plenty of other articles we publish each day outside of all the new or live music, so if you have anything particularly interesting or newsworthy you think our readers might be interested in, we’re all ears.

Send any potential news stories through to our news producer at and fire any pitches for features to our editor at