We should never judge anything by its cover. That’s one lesson we need to learn over and over, or so it seems.

Howling Dollhouse Is the third release by the band of the same name. Fans of this unit may remember them by their former moniker Into The Night but fortunately the group decided it was time to create a name more in tune with their evolving sound.

This five-piece “semi-automatic, post-apocalyptic, melodic rock” outfit have come up with a solid effort with this latest release, though things aren’t all they appear to be.

The cover art features a pyromaniac afflicted dollhouse, giving the impression that what’s inside will blow your hearing with mega decibels… not so.

he 13 tracks are a mix of mainstream rock peppered with a few grittier efforts. Beginning with the melodic and melancholy “Private Hell”, the album moves along with sensational guitar riffs in songs such as “Note To Self”.

The vocals are good but a bit soft for this production, and are what throws this whole album into generic, mainstream territory. Fans of this band will be mightily impressed, though punters new to Howling Dollhouse will be hoping for something less ‘produced’ on future albums.

– Sharon Brookes