It’s one of the most famous record stores in the world, but Los Angeles’ iconic Amoeba Music could soon be no more than a memory in the cultural landscape of the infamous city.

In September, the record store shared a note stating how the world-renowned location on Sunset Boulevard had been sold in October 2015 for $34 million to make way for apartments. They stated how they plan to stay until the end of their lease, which was another several years, but now it seems that the store could be forced out sooner than previously planned.

AsĀ Billboard reports, a planning document has been released, which shows plans from the site’s developers, who propose to replace the site that the store has occupied for the last 16 years with a 28 storey mixed-use building.

Amoeba Music took to their Facebook page on Wednesday to address continued speculation about their eventual move. “There has been much speculation about Amoeba’s future in LA,” the post began. “We have received a tremendous amount of support from the LA music community throughout the years and this has enabled us to build and grow one of the greatest record stores in the world.”

“Rest assured, we are NOT closing, but we are now in a position where we may have to change locations in the coming years. By no means does this mean that Amoeba is leaving LA.”

“We are in discussions to remain at 6400 Sunset beyond our current lease, but we are also exploring our various options and have already been offered several spaces that could suit us well. We will choose what is best at the appropriate time. Amoeba loves LA, we are committed to LA, and we have every intention of remaining in LA.”

“Amoeba is defined by WHO we are not WHERE we are.”

While this could mean that you might need to alter the itinerary of your upcoming record store sightseeing trip around America, we can take solace in the fact that Amoeba Music does in fact have other stores in California, including Berkeley and San Francisco. However, none are as iconic as the Los Angeles store, so let’s hope that any eventual move will result in the store’s new location becoming just as well-known.

Check out some footage of Paul McCartney performing live in the record store below.