Van She return with their first album since the success of their debut LP V in 2008, and it is immediately apparent that this is both a new approach and a return to form for the four Sydney-siders.

For a little while there, many may have argued that Van She had run the course of their fame, the name became a whisper and slowly talk of the band faded entirely.

Their return however, has resulted in a quirky, fun and wholeheartedly irresistible collection of electronic pop-rock anthems, infused with a somewhat tropical, reggae vibe that seems to actually work far more effectively than it may sound.

At their core, Van She are still the same band, producing catchy and polished tunes with an electronically textured lacquer that reeks of dancefloor-driven fun.

Tunes such as ‘Sarah’ and the title track provide a clear outline of Van She’s credentials, that they established through their EPs and debut album, with catchy synth melodies and soaring vocal hooks.

Idea Of Happiness also manages to produce some audibly contrastive cruve-balls however, as they delve into the Tropicana vibe on the affably named ‘Calipso’, featuring squelchy synth-patches, rollicking drum fills and superbly produced vocal harmonies.

The velvety groove of ‘Jamaica’ feels like a walk through a tropical jungle – minus the scary bugs – with primitive, tone-block drum samples and dulcet synthesiser interludes.

It’s a little bit different, but stays true to the successful formula that the group have put into practise in the past, culminating in a palatable offering that doesn’t necessarily wow, but demands attention in the most polite manner.

– Morgan Benson

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