Back in May, we told you about Nura, the makers of those insane headphones that tune themselves to your unique “hearing profile” within 30 seconds. Well, they’ve just gone and broken the Australian record for a project funded through Kickstarter.

Everyone hears differently and your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint, your face, or your voice. We all have different sensitivities to different frequencies of sound thanks to our age, individual genetics, and our personal experiences with sound.

This means that a great pair of headphones for one person may not be optimal for another. Nura ensure everyone gets the best experience possible with their headphones by inventing a special inner- and outer-ear design that recognises your unique style of hearing.

As ARN reports, Nura managed to raise more than US$270,000 in Kickstarter pledges within three days of going live, quickly exceeding their target of $US100,000. Their campaign still has 10 days to go and pledges are currently sitting at a record-breaking AUD$1.17 million.

According to ARN, your average Kickstarter campaign attracts about three percent of its backers from Australia, but Nura’s backers are about 20 percent Australian, making Nura the most successful local campaign on the platform to date.

“Through Kickstarter, we aren’t just pre-selling our product and raising funds to enable us to begin mass production, we’re also building relationships and learning from innovative and visionary backers,” said Nura co-founder and CEO Kyle Slater.

“The Kickstarter funds will be used on tooling for mass production, regulatory certifications, sourcing of materials, and distribution. We’re really excited to be Australia’s most funded Kickstarter and we believe this is a strong indicator of the demand for rich, quality experiences in this golden age of music.”