If you’ve watched TV at anytime over the last 18 years, there’s a fair chance that you’ve seen US actor Jason Momoa in something. Now, as the 6’4″ actor continues to see massive rise in recognition thanks to roles in Game Of ThronesJustice League, and the forthcoming Aquaman, he’s revealed that he’s a pretty big fan of Aussie blues musician C. W. Stoneking.

As The Music points out, Momoa was in Brisbane over the weekend, celebrating the fact that filming had finished on Auqaman by heading along to a C. W. Stoneking gig at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall.

Taking to Instagram, the actor posted a series of photos and a message in which he professed his love for the Aussie muso, and outlining how he managed to meet him, in addition to playing his guitar.

“I’m such a fan boy. I was so stoked and honored to meet C. W. Stoneking last night at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall” he wrote. “CW is an amazing musician father man stud Aussie legend love ya bud. And I got to play is guitar ahahahahahhhhhhahhh. Such a fan girl”

As the website Movie Web points out, the pictures tend to make C. W. Stoneking’s guitar look almost like a ukulele in the hands of the gigantic actor. Sadly though, no videos of Momoa’s guitar playing have surfaced yet, so we can’t comment on whether or not he has musical talent to go along with that acting ability.

At the present time, C. W. Stoneking is halfway through an Aussie tour which will see him hit up Melbourne’s Howler on Thursday and Friday night, before wrapping it up at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel on Saturday and Sunday. Considering the sort of fanbase that C. W. Stoneking pulls to his shows, who knows, you could see another huge Hollywood actor at one of these upcoming gigs.

Check out Jason Momoa’s idol, C. W. Stoneking performing ‘Zombie’: