When it comes to musical wordsmiths, some will cite Bob Dylan as the people’s poet, while others may take a more modern approach and look towards some of hip-hop’s greatest lyricists, such as Jay-Z, for example. Of course, if you ever wondered which songwriters these famed musicians look up, then you’ll be surprised to learn that, at least in the case of Jay-Z, it’s the one and only Chris Martin of Coldplay. Yes, really.

As NME reports, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter opened up in a recent interview with The Metro in which he sung the praises of Coldplay’s frontman. “I have been in the industry long enough to know when I’m in the presence of a genius and Chris Martin is just that,” he said.

“In years to come, Britain will look back at him as a modern day Shakespeare. He is an incredible recording artist, an incredible songwriter, but where he really comes alive is performing live. If you get the chance to see Coldplay live, do it – you ain’t gonna regret it.”

The pair have a long friendship that dates back to at least 2006 when Chris Martin was a guest on Jay-Z’s ‘Beach Chair’. Then, in 2008, Jay-Z repaid the favour with a spot on Coldplay’s track ‘Lost+’, proving that the pair have constructed a friendship that will last. Let’s just hope that their friendship continues longer than one of Jay-Z’s other famous friendships.

Obviously we can’t deny the success that Coldplay have had in the past, and Jay-Z praise of their live shows is frequently echoed, but we’re sort of having a hard time believing that Jay-Z believes that Coldplay’s Chris Martin, of all people, is a “modern day Shakespeare”. Maybe Jay-Z has become a bit sheltered in recent years and hasn’t heard many recent songwriters, or maybe Jay is operating on another level we just aren’t at yet? Either way, we look forward to seeing kids of the 22nd century studying the collected works of Chris Martin.