Kanye West has reportedly been rushed to hospital. Billboard cites an anonymous source in reporting that the controversial hip-hop star has been hospitalised suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation, one day after he announced the cancellation of the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour.

According to Billboard, West was hospitalised on Monday, 21st November (US time) and put under observation in an LA hospital. Meanwhile, NBC News reports, LA police responded to a medical welfare call at around 1.20pm LA time. There was no criminal activity reported.

Meanwhile, Pitchfork reports, via TMZ, that West was taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation in an ambulance and was reportedly transported in handcuffs.

According to the Billboard source, West has not been institutionalised in any respect. He went to the hospital “of his own will” and under the consultation of his doctor. The news follows weeks of what many have called bizarre and erratic behaviour from the rapper.

West’s Saint Pablo tour has become notorious for the rapper’s lengthy rants, which often came at the expense of performing music. During the rants, West often made outlandish claims, endorsing US President-elect Donald Trump, calling out former friends Beyonce and Jay-Z, and even cutting concerts midway through.

As Billboard notes, West recently halted a performance in Sacramento, California after just 30 minutes, before cancelling a make-up show in Los Angeles and finally cancelling the rest of the tour, affecting some 21 dates which would have kept the rapper on tour through the end of the year.

You can watch one of West’s infamous Saint Pablo Tour rants in the footage below, in which he goes at length about his respect for the equally controversial Donald Trump, claiming he would have voted for Trump, discussing his plans to run for the presidency himself in 2020, and sharing his thoughts about the US political climate in 2016.