Paul Dempsey, who has been touring extensively for the last few years following his 2009 solo album, has reunited with his bandmates in Something For Kate, Stephanie Ashworth & Clint Hyndman, and the trio are officially back in the studio for a new record.

Releasing photos and a video to fans, the group plan on releasing the new record, their sixth, sometime later this year. Their last LP on new material, 2006’s Desert Lights, shot up the charts to #1 here in Australia, and the band no doubt hope for similar success all these years later.

The three have been working away in the studio in Melbourne writing and recording demos for the new record, and more details will be announced once the writing period nears completion.

One thing we do know though is that for the first time in their career the band will be producing the LP themselves. “At this stage, we’re looking to produce it ourselves,” Dempsey revealed in an interview with FasterLouder last year.

“We’ve pretty much got all the equipment we need now, and producing is something I’ve always been interested in. I’ve had enough experience now, doing production, that I’m confident in our ability to get it through that process. Then, once it’s ready, we’ll take it to someone who knows how to mix, and make a better mix.”

In the meantime, fans can see some insight into the writing process with a video snippet released by the band of them in the rehearsal room in the midst of writing/rehearsing for the upcoming album.

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