The Key Of Sea volume 2 is a beautiful cd that will be out October 19, 2012,  Featuring Paul Kelly, Chet Faker, Lanie Lane, and more.

‘In 2010 the Key of Sea vol 1 was released. It caused a stir. No other record had been created in Australia that was quite like it. Not only was it a compilation of beautiful new songs by some of the most skilled and revered Australian recording artists, it also told a story, quintessentially Australian but often overlooked. It was an articulation of shared values and a testament to what can be achieved when people with vastly different backgrounds set their minds to the creation of beautiful things. The message was important in 2010 and it remains important in 2012.

In October 2012 the Key of Sea vol 2 will be released. Once again the Key of Sea brings together Australia’s finest established artists and musicians who have brought their musical heritage from across the oceans seeking a better life in this nation. The message of the record is no different from the 2010 release. It doesn’t seek to break stereotypes. It starts from the position that stereotypes are unimportant. It then simply showcases the extraordinary talents of some extraordinary Australians and, through the medium of music, introduces both new sounds and the people that created them.’ – Waleed Aly

The album is proudly supported by Amnesty International, and profits of the album will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, and Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL). A very worthy cause indeed.

1.     Silence Of The Guns – Jinja Safari and Kinfe Geshu

2.     The Boat – Paul Kelly and The Cambodian Space Project

3.     Az Eshq Tho – The Tiger And Me and Murtaza Jafari

4.     Lively Boys – Lanie Lane and Adam Starr

5.     Fear Like You – Chet Faker and The Royal Swazi Spa

6.     Come Along – Brous and Onur Ciftci

7.     Islands – Clubfeet and Alex Toumazos

8.     Open Hands – Sietta and Sunameke

9.     Open Your Heart – Dick Diver and Benjamin Rambano

10.   No One Cares – Kim Salmon and Waleed Aly

11.   Apuse – David Bridie and Hein Arumisore

The Key Of Sea vol 2 is out on October 19 on CD/Digital via MGM.

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