News has come forth today that one of the greatest political success stories in all of American history has ended before it even began, with Kid Rock admitting that his run for the US senate was in fact a joke.

Back in July, it was reported how Kid Rock’s name brought up at a Republican Party in Michigan earlier this year as a potential candidate for the state’s Senate, before the appearance of a website aptly called ‘Kid Rock For Senate’.

Numerous people thought it may have been a joke, which even resulted in the musician addressing these questions. “I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real,” he Tweeted. “The answer is an absolute YES.” (In hindsight, he probably just meant the website itself was real, and not the intent behind it.)

Then back in September, Kid Rock delivered what many believed to be his first official campaign speech, but was actually an extended introduction to his concert intended to poke fun at his Senatorial run. Of course, while many were believing the whole thing to be somewhat of an elaborate prank, there were many out there who believed that he may have indeed been planning to go through with it. After all, stranger things have happened.

Now, the musician has admitted it was a joke while being interviewed by US radio host Howard Stern. “Ask me if I’m running for Senate,” Kid Rock asked the show’s host. “Because I’m going to use this platform to announce.”

Upon being asked by Howard Stern if he was indeed running for Senate, Kid Rock didn’t mince his words. “Fuck no, I’m not running for Senate,” he said excitedly. “Are you fucking kidding me? Like, who fucking couldn’t fucking figure that out?”

He also explained that his faux campaign even became so believable to some that even those were in on the joke started to become suspicious as to whether or not it was legitimate. “No, we’re not doing it,” Kid Rock said he had to tell people. “But let’s roll with it for a while.”

While on Howard Stern’s program, Kid Rock revealed that his new record, Sweet Southern Sugar, was set to drop on November 3rd, which probably means that his Senate campaign was just a rather convoluted promotional stunt for the new LP.

Check out Kid Rock’s newest single, ‘Tennessee Mountain Top’: