Ok, so maybe not three years if you count a certain Christmas compilation, but if like us you prefer to ignore such indiscretions then it’s been a long time between drinks for fans of The Killers, which is why it’s so exciting that they’ve just released a new song.

A new track has surfaced online entitled “Go All The Way.” The song, a cover of the 1972 Raspberries track, was recorded specifically by the Las Vegas rockers for the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s latest film, Dark Shadows.

The gothic soap opera about a family of vampires, starring Johnny Depp (obviously), will feature The Killers’ track over the film’s closing credits. No suprise considering the band have been close friends of the Hollywood director ever since he lent his services to their promo clip for Bones off 2006’s Sam’s Town.

This isn’t the first time they’ve contributed an exclusive track to a film before either, having previously recorded songs for the Spiderman and Twilight franchises. Interestingly though, “Go All The Way” will not be appearing on the retail version of the official soundtrack.

Probably because they’re saving it for their forthcoming album.

Barring frontman Brandown Flowers’ solo album Flamingo and a few charity Christmas singles, it’s been a long trail to the band’s long awaited follow-up to 2008’s Day and Age.

Reports of the quartet working on their fourth studio record began with Q Magazinewho spoke to Flowers last year about the recording process, who even name-checked several songs they’d written; including a “a seven-and-a-half minute epic called ‘The Slot Tech.’

Later reports from Idolator confirmed the four-piece were hard at work with producers Steve Lillywhite (U2) and Brendan O’Brien, who had previously worked on Flowers’ solo record Flamingo. With confirmation that a track called “Battle Born” would also be appearing on LP4.

More recently, bassist Mark Stoemer told UK’s NME that they tentatively expected the album to be completed in May or June, hopefully with a release date to follow shortly after; saying “its kind of taken a while to feel it out and figure out what it means to be a band again, because we took so much time off.”

He also added that the record would feature a heavier ‘rock’ feel than previous efforts, “stylistically, it’s pushing in more of a rock direction than the last album. But we’re also doing something we haven’t done before. It’ll definitely sound like us.”

In the meantime, you can listen to The Killers Dark Shadows cover below, then compare with the original Raspberries version.