Following hot on the heels of Muse’s cinematic teaser for their new album yesterday, comes Las Vegas rockers, The Killers’ own album trailer… and don’t stress, there’s a distinct lack of dubstep in this one.

We’ve already had a taste of the new record in the form of the previously leaked Raspberries’ cover “Go All The Way” for the Dark Shadows soundtrack, as well as several reports about progress on the band’s first album since 2008’s Day and Age; but The Killers have now released an official teaser of their fourth studio record, called Battle Born.

The trailer features the quartet camped out in the desert at various stages of dusk and dawn, solemnly peering out over the desert landscape or heroically wandering through it; against a steadily swelling soundtrack of synths as the album’s title is spelt out in the band’s lightbulb typography.

The tone is pretty tongue-in-cheek, lampooning ’80s movie trailers as the band stare longingly into the lens as well as a cheesy logo – lightning bolt and all – of the album title, along with the release date of ‘Fall 2012′ (that’s our Spring by the by).

The Killers’ latest, Battle Born, is actually named after the same location in which it was recorded, the band’s own 2,000-square-foot recording studio situated in Winchester, Nevada that has hosted sessions for the likes of Motely Crüe and Elton John.

Reports of the recording began with Q Magazinewho spoke to Flowers last year about the recording process, who even name-checked several songs they’d written; including a “a seven-and-a-half minute epic called ‘The Slot Tech’.”

Later reports from Idolator confirmed the four-piece were hard at work with producers Steve Lillywhite (U2) and Brendan O’Brien, who had previously worked on Flowers’ solo record Flamingo.

More recently, bassist Mark Stoemer told UK’s NME that they tentatively expected the album to be completed in May or June, hopefully with a release date to follow shortly after; saying “its kind of taken a while to feel it out and figure out what it means to be a band again, because we took so much time off.”

He also added that the record would feature a heavier ‘rock’ feel than previous efforts, “stylistically, it’s pushing in more of a rock direction than the last album. But we’re also doing something we haven’t done before. It’ll definitely sound like us.”

You can view the Battle Born album teaser below