Russell Crowe – Australian, Crowded House – Australian, Keith Urban – Australian, and now the latest member Kimbra. Looks like we have claimed another Kiwi and we are on another winner. Our cuzs nearby have produced yet another stunning and talented individual who has had a meteoric rise.

Before she got all crazy with Gotye on Somebody I Used To Know, Kimbra was building an impressive body of songs, winning the International Song Writing Competition, playing at sold out shows, an amazing Meredith Music Festival set, opening the APRA awards and being on many watch lists for up and coming artists.

She is the hottest female artist in this country at the moment not named Adele. And it comes as no surprise that the original show at the Oxford Arts Factory has been moved to a larger venue at The Metro Theatre. Watching her youtube clips one senses that she is a unique performer willing to push pop boundaries. But as is always the golden question… how does it translate?

Two support acts, Husky and Fire! Santa Rose Fire! begin Friday nights activities. Fire! Santa Rose Fire! from RADelaide describe themselves as monolithic tech-pop. So before you wiki that monolithic means large and powerful. Apologies for missing them but Sydney traffic got the better of me. Husky from Melbourne plays to folky alternative music and their influences are easily Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. They have great harmonies going and it was a nice lead into the main event.

Surrounded by female patronage it becomes apparent that bringing ear plugs was the best idea EVER because the screams as Kimbra arrives on stage are enough to break glass. Good work on the plastic cups holding my beverage. Opening with single Settle Down, she has immediate stage presence with pink heels and matching tambourine in tow. The band too gets in on the act and it feels like we are watching a jazz/cabaret show unfurling before our eyes. Does she reminds me of anyone? The late and great Amy Winehouse. If Mark Ronson is watching he should be picking up the phone and be having a little chat to Kimbra about producing her next album. There is no doubt about her vocal range. Kimbra’s set includes Limbo and Love Is A 2 Way Street. Another song incorporates the common trick of looping one’s voice to create part beat and part backing vocals. A costume change and Kimbra get’s into her Miami Horror collaboration I Look To You. This quick and punchy set ends with Cameo Lover. Screaming girls. Again. Thanking ear plugs. Again. There was no Gotye tonight but then again I was pretty chuffed I went to this show tonight. And I anticipate bigger things in the future from our latest Aussie star.

–¬†Jefferson Chew