Acclaimed director Edgar Wright is well known for making some of the most stylish flicks to hit cinemas, with the latest, Baby Driver, effectively being a feature-length music video – and a great one at that.

So, it’s pretty exciting to think about him teaming up with our own King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, whose own video clips are just as lovingly-created (and almost as long). Now, we could be one step closer to seeing that dream collab become a reality.

Having expressed his desire to work with the band on a video clip, he was finally put in the same room as the band yesterday at a screening of his new film, with King Gizz taking a rare moment off recording to check it out.

We can only hope they hit it off, and that we’ll be seeing their two worlds collide at some point in the not-too-distant future. We’re already salivating at the idea of a Baby Driver 2 soundtracked by Aussie bands, after Wright professed his love for some of our faves on radio yesterday.

Speaking to triple j Breakfast, Wright revealed that he’s a major fan of Aussie music. “I’m thinking about Australian bands that I really love,” he started. “Obviously Tame Impala, but also Courtney Barnett, Pond, and I like that artist, I think it’s Olympia?” While Olympia’s name might have escaped him, his love of Aussie music certainly didn’t stop there.

“I tell you the other band I’ve seen twice in the last year, and I really, genuinely love, and I think I’m going to meet them in Melbourne, is King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. My favourite album of last year was Nonagon Infinity,” he admitted. “I went to see them at the Reading Festival, and I went with Nigel Godrich, Radiohead’s producer, and Dangermouse.

“What’s funny is that I knew the album off by heart but Nigel didn’t, and Nigel was into it, but leant over to me at one point and said, this is like four songs in, he said ‘Is this all the same song?’ I said, ‘The album is just like that, the album is just non-stop for 60 minutes.’”

Come on team, let’s make it happen.