One of King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard’s most notable successes was the record Nonagon Infinity. Released over a year ago, it was the group’s eighth record, and since its release, the band have somehow managed to find time to release two more records, and managed to get a number of famous fans on board, including acclaimed film director Edgar Wright. Amazingly, the group have found even more time in the last year to organise the creation of a music video for Nonagon Infinity track ‘Invisible Face’.

Taking to Facebook last night, the group shared the new video alongside its credits. Created by the duo of Jason Galea & Joel Melrose, and featuring Galea’s animation, VFX, and editing, Melrose’s illustration, and some 16mm film shots from Samuel Kristofski, the video is a trippy cult-like experience that perfectly helps to put the group’s music into context.

Of course, some fans were quick to take some cheeky shots at the group. “Just a video? It’s been over two weeks and we don’t have a new album yet,” said Tony DiQuattro on Facebook, while others questioned if the group’s psychedelic nature and the video’s visuals affected people in the same way as when they discovered prog-rock group Yes in the ’70s.

While we’ve spoken before about how King Gizz are aiming to make a Nonagon Infinity movie, it looks like we’ve now received yet another scene. No news yet on when it might by finished, but with the Melbourne group having acclaimed director Edgar Wright in their corner now, the finished product might soon get a kick in the right direction of amazing.

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