Whether you’re a big fan of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard or not, there’s no denying that the band’s ability to keep their audience captivated is widely successful. With only a matter of days to go until the new year, the group are still promising another record, and they’ve just dropped what looks like another taste from it.

As you’re probably already aware, King Gizzard set themselves the seemingly-impossible task of recording and releasing five full-length records this year, and somehow, they’ve almost pulled it off.

Starting back in February with Microtonal Banana, the band went on to release Murder Of The Universe, and Sketches Of Brunswick East, before unleashing Polygondwanaland just last month. Amazingly, frontman Stu Mackenzie has promised fans though that there’s still another record in the pipeline for 2017.

“Some of my favorite songs of the year are on the fifth record,” said Mackenzie. “It’s more song-oriented than album-oriented. But things are still possible to change.”

With the year fast approaching the end, fans are wondering when the new album is going to drop, but following the release of two new songs last week, it started looking like an album release is rather imminent. Now, the band have given fans yet another single, and it just feels like they’re teasing us at this point.

Released via Melbourne’s 3RRR radio yesterday, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard delivered ‘Green House’, and it sounds exactly like you’d expect a King Gizz song to sound like.

As Stu Mackenzie noted when asked about album number five, “And the idea for the fifth one was to have all of the songs – they’re definitely not B-sides or anything. They’re more songs that didn’t work in any of the the rest of the four records, or they didn’t fit into any of those categories that well, or they came together slightly after when those records came together.”

‘Green House’, like the two previously-released singles, sound as though they may have been recorded in the same sessions as Microtonal Banana. Whether or not the band intend to let us know which periods the songs from album #5 were recorded in remain to be seen, but we’re definitely stoked at the idea of an album that captures the sounds from their four previous records this year.

With only a matter of days until 2018 is here, you can bet your bottom dollar that King Gizzard’s new album release is going to take you by surprise. Who knows, maybe you might just find a brand new album in your Christmas stocking this year?

Check out King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s ‘Green House’: