KISS have seemingly travelled back to the ’70s with their latest marketing push: it’s new KISS Destroyer Cola, here to rock your world and rot your teeth.

There will be a range of products aside from the cola itself, with soda pops, tees and vintage tin signs to hang in your juke joint, skate rinks or discotheque.

Here’s the presser: “Rocket Fizz and KISS have reached a gigantic licensing and co-branding agreement. Rocket Fizz will be bottling and distributing worldwide Kiss soda pops, beginning with the Kiss Destroyer Cola. Rocket Fizz will also be producing Kiss and Rocket Fizz co-branded t-shirts and tin signs.

“The KISS Destroyer Cola will be available in all Rocket Fizz stores in one-three weeks.”

Here’s the best part.

“When you feel like you want to ‘rock and roll all nite and party every day’ stop by a Rocket Fizz and pick up a super duper cool Kiss soda pop, tin sign, and t-shirt!”

It’s tacky, sure, but at least there are tangible items, which is a step up from the branded air guitar strings the band released last month.