Gradually building up some serious steam over the past few years (and adding an extra ‘l’ to their former moniker ‘Klo’), Melbourne electronic duo Kllo have impressed on both of their previous EPs, with 2016’s Well Worn a strong follow-up to their promising 2014 debut, Cusp.

It’s 2017, though, that is proving to be a seriously exciting year for those of us in love with their UK-tinged brand of synth pop, as this year’s string of tracks – ‘Virtue’, ‘Downfall’ and ‘Nylon’ – have served as the breadcrumbs leading towards the release of their anticipated full-length debut Backwater, set for release on the 20th through Ghostly International and Different Recordings internationally, and Good Manners locally.

Before then, we’ve been given one more piece of the puzzle in the goosebump-inducing ‘Dissolve’, which tracks the breakdown of a relationship through distance and detachment, weaving Chloe Kaul’s hushed lamentations through Simon Lam’s signature 2-step arrangements.

Whether it’s the restless beats and diced vocal samples of recent favourites like ‘Bolide’ and ‘Virtue’, or the smoother curves of the latest trio of songs, we can’t wait to hear what else Kllo are hiding away.