Right off the bat, most Nirvana fans will argue that a ‘reunion’ can’t ever happen without Kurt Cobain, and for the most part we’d agree. But there’s one little hint that’s just been given by Krist Novoselic that has us wondering “what if”…

With Dave Grohl addressing the possibility of a reunion in an interview yesterday, bassist Krist Novoselic seems to be just as keen on the idea of some sort of reunion performance as he was back in 2013, when he said a Nirvana reunion in Australia “needs to happen.”

Fans of course began naming potential lineups for a reunion in the wake of Grohl’s interview, and Ultimate Guitar noted that one lineup in particular stood out to the social-media savvy Novoselic, who gave one fan’s suggestion of a four-man Nirvana redux his approval in the form of a like.

The comment suggested “Chad Channing on drums, Dave Grohl on guitar and vocals, Novoselic and Smear too of course,”a who’s who of former Nirvana members who aren’t its iconic frontman, and Novoselic seemed to approve of the idea, although he didn’t give any further thoughts on the possibility.

Would a Nirvana reunion work?

Chad Channing was of course Nirvana’s drummer between 1988 and 1990, and played on their debut LP Bleach in ’89 before Dave Grohl took over drum duties, while Pat Smear was the band’s guitarist in 1993 and 1994, and now plays with Grohl in Foo Fighters.

While it would be odd to see ‘Nirvana’ without Grohl holding the sticks (let alone without Cobain out front) the lineup would see its two most prominent living members backed by its other notable contributors, and also see the band return with a seasoned frontman at the helm.

We wouldn’t exactly bet on seeing this happen any time soon (and it may stray too close to being Foo Fighters plus a couple for some), but it’s hard not to want to see this lineup come together for a one-off tribute show at least. We know Krist would be up for it, although we’re not sure about the band’s long-time sound engineer Craig Montgomery, who slammed third and final album In Utero in a recent interview.

Even if we don’t see the Nirvana bassist back onstage with his old bandmates any time soon, he’s still putting out music, having just released a pretty solid throwback jam with his new outfit Giants in the Trees.

Plenty of Nirvana fans think a reunion might end up as a parody… a bit like this one.