Attendees of Lana Del Rey’s Australian performances, including her appearance at Splendour In The Mud Grass over the weekend, would have been treated to the rare and unique spectacle of Del Rey covering Nirvana.

The ‘Video Games’ singer has been performing a version of ‘Heart Shaped Box’ (and quite competently at that) in her live set, first debuted at her show at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre in Sydney last Thursday. Crooning her way through the 1993 single taken from Nirvana’s third studio album In Utero.

While some would have delighted in one of today’s biggest buzz acts paying tribute to the icons of yesteryear, one particular person wasn’t so thrilled.

Courtney Love swiftly took to twitter to grill Del Rey about Kurt Cobain’s original meaning behind the song:

We all knew that right? Right!? Never mind (no pun intended) that Love is bragging that the song is about her genitalia to LDR, but that the widow of a man who took his own life and poured his bleak soul-searching into a song of violently imaginative imagery also claims that she helped co-write ‘Heart Shaped Box’

Which line? Maybe the part where she likens her reproductive organs to a “magnet tar pit trap.” Gross much?

The (sometimes) Hole frontwoman then signs off offering that next time Del Rey considers performing the Nirvana track, she should think harder about its lyrical content and inspiration:

Is Lana now “forever in debt to Love’s priceless advice?

It’s certainly not the first time that Lana Del Rey has been used as a punching bag in the press; and you probably don’t need us to tell you that it’s not the first, nor last time that Courtney Love has mouthed off about her former husband’s legacy, saying The Muppets ‘raped’ Cobain’s memory, while her relationship with daughter Frances Bean Cobain puts the strange in estranged.

In related music cover news, Boy George recently revealed his syrupy take on ‘Video Games’ in a new video clip directed by filmmaker Mike Nicholls.