Better fetch your boxing gloves, one of this year’s most popular punching bags, Lana Del Rey, is set to release a special edition of her debut album, Born To Die, for the newly-christened Paradise Edition, which will include nearly an album’s worth of new material on a second disc.

The neo-chanteuse has already had a number of new songs and recordings leaking online over the last few months in the twilight of her tour here in Australia for this year’s Splendour In The Grass, but a trailer for the new Born To Die – Paradise Edition contains a montage of some of Del Rey’s new tunes.

Along with the original 12-track album, including its three bonus numbers (‘Without You’, ‘Lolita’ and ‘Lucky Ones’), the new tracks will include Lana Del Rey’s recent cover of ‘Blue Velvet’, brand new single ‘Ride’, and new recordings including ‘Body Electric’ and ‘Gods And Monsters.’

Stylistically the newer material follows the doe-eyed, noir styling we’ve come to expect from the biggest pout in music, with production credits involving names such as Dan Heat, Justin Parker, Emile Hayne, Rick Nowels and legendary rock producer Rick Rubin.

The highlight of the new material however has to be ‘Pussy’, opening with what may be Del Rey’s most forthright expression of her retro fetishist persona yet. Featuring the knockout opening lyrical couplet: “My pussy tastes like Pepsi cola/my eyes are wide like cherry pies.”

Yes… really.

It seems that Del Rey took Courtney Love’s assertion to ‘think about vaginas’, when singing her cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shape Box’, to heart. Trading in singing about Love’s lady-parts to singing about her own.

Along with Del Rey’s proposed Nirvana cover (which she performed at her Sydney show), many of the leaked tracks from last August appear to be missing in action from the new tracklisting, but that song alone should provide rabid haters with enough fuel to further discredit her.

The very same critics who first took a knife and fork to Del Rey for her performance on Saturday Night Live, a train wreck that has threatened to derail her career ever since.

Whatever you may think of Lana Del Rey, you’ve got to give the woman credit for soldiering on regardless of the sea of attention – whether it’s hype or hate.

You can view the trailer for Born To Die – Paradise Edition, due November 12, above and listen to brand new single ‘Ride’ in the stream below, along with the album artwork and tracklisting.

1. Ride
2. American
3. Pussy
4. Body Electric
5. Blue Velvet
6. Gods & Monsters
7. Yayo
8. Bel Air
9. Burning Desire

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