Taking the piss out of Lars Ulrich’s occasionally dodgy drumming is like shooting fish in a barrel, or even just shooting a gun wildly into the air – and just as much fun.

The guy is the drummer of one of the biggest bands of all time, yet the joke of Ringo not even being the best drummer in The Beatles has been thrown in Lars’ direction just as much – and the thing is, Ringo may not have been the flashiest drummer, but he could keep time like a fucking metronome, whereas Lars has about as much of a sense of timing as a windchime.

To be fair, people probably wouldn’t lay into Lars as much if he hadn’t developed the rep of having an ego that outweighs his own ability. As it stands though, he’ll probably be seeing new compilations like this one made until he’s on his deathbed (built of platinum records and Grammys, with a mattress stuffed full of cash).

Check out this brand new fail compilation below, full of scowls and eye rolls from his frustrated bandmates, and brace yourself for a pretty disgusting twist ending.