If you’ve seen Some Kind Of Monster you know Lars enjoys talking, so it’s a good thing he’s been given his own weekly radio show.

It’s Electric is on Apple Music Beats 1 on Sundays 3pm Pacific time or Monday morning at 8am if you’re on the east coast of Australia. The first episode airs this Sunday (Monday) and will feature Iggy Pop.

“This is like my 16-year-old self’s wet dream: doing a radio show to a worldwide audience,” says Ulrich. “We go all over the world – we look at international bands for an international audience. I’m gonna play you lots of really cool music by mostly bands you don’t know; a lot of bands I’ve just been introduced to.

“We don’t believe in boundaries, and we’re open to everything. I have some guests call in on the phone, and they promise me I’m gonna have this show every week.”

Sounds like a radio show, alright. Wonder if he’ll spin his own tunes.