LCD Soundsystem are set to release their brand new record, American Dream, tomorrow, so you can’t really blame the group for being a little bit excited. In fact, they’re so excited that they just released a brand new single to celebrate, but this one won’t be featured on the new record.

One day out rom the release of their long-awaited comeback album American Dream, LCD Soundsystem have given fans a little treat, by way of a brand new song titled ‘pulse (v. 1).’. At almost 14 minutes long, it’s a quirky, undulating number that is completely instrumental, showing off James Murphy’s more experimental side.

Oh, and the best news about the new track? It’s yours for free! You can go and download it right now, courtesy of the band.

While the group received a bit of backlash for the artwork to their new album, critical reception has mainly been positive for the new songs that they have released so far. We also scored the new single ‘Tonite’ a little while ago, while fans who saw the band on their recent Aussie tour would have been lucky enough to preview a few extra cuts from the album.

It’s not clear at this stage what the history behind the new track is, whether it was cut from the album for time, an experimental piece from the same sessions, or even a long-lost piece of music that is finally seeing the light of day.

Whatever the case, new music from LCD Soundsystem can never be a bad thing. With the group’s first record in seven years, American Dream, set to drop tomorrow, there’s going to be plenty of new LCD Soundsystem music to sink your teeth into, so maybe use this new instrumental one as a bit of a palate cleanser before you dive into all the fresh hits we’ll be getting soon.

You can download ‘pulse (v. 1).’ for free right here, or you can stream it below.